BlizzCon Bound

BlizzCon Bound

I’ve been slaving away on Slayer since late July.

My monster is almost ready to take to BlizzCon.

The bow is nearly finished, my business cards have arrived, and I have a good feeling that this will be the biggest year yet. The worst part about the contest is not knowing all of my competition, so anything can happen. Still, I hope my hard work will shine.

I will cover more of my process for Slayer in future blogs to hopefully answer questions for crafters and show how to work with some of my materials. I did a lot of new things this year, including working with different raw pigments for metallic paints and effects.

Creative and gaming streams will return to my channel in 2018, so be sure to turn those notifications back on for me. It’s been a long break from streaming. I’m looking forward to coming back :3

Here’s a shot of me with my finished Twin Blades from Blizzard’s VillainCon party at TwitchCon!