Making Slayer: Blood for the Blood God

Making Slayer: Blood for the Blood God

I usually spend a lot of cashola on my BlizzCon costumes, but hooooolyyyyy cooowwwwws leather takes the cake — and nearly all of Slayer will be made of leather, as the Old Gods intended.

Rogue Tier 6 Slayer Armor required a LOT more tools and tech than usual, setting me back quite a bit. Due to some risk involved in the fabrication and possible failure with electronic components, I conservatively overpurchased certain items where I could.

I will be adding to this list as I work on the costume to account for all of the items that help make it.

The only purpose of this post is to show everyone the cost of making extreme cosplay for a costume contest. Sure, there are cheaper ways to do this with vinyl, worbla, and other materials, but they aren’t as authentic or durable (and good luck leaving worbla in your car if you wanna hang out after you check out!).

Even if I do place again, the prize money may or may not cover the cost of materials. Last year’s 3rd place prize money covered the remaining cost of Elune (half-funded by generous stream donors!) and afforded the air compressor I needed for this year’s entry and future projects.

To note, I started buying up materials in January. I’ve picked up a few things on every paycheck and as extra money (lol my tax return) appeared. I stream progress of my costumes in hopes that stream donations will help offset the ridiculous cost of these creations in exchange for showing others how to create these awesome costumes and how to work with the uncommon materials I use! Keep an eye on my Twitch channel for Slayer streams (schedule entirely TBD depending on sanity levels), and be sure to follow and turn on my channel notifications so you’ll see when I’m live. I don’t make spammy posts, so you’ll only see major schedule updates and my stream activity.

Buckle up.

Here we go.


BlizzCon ticket*: $204.00
BlizzCon hotel*: $630.00
(* These half count since I’d be attending even if not competing with a costume, but I only need the hotel room because of the costume.)

Free Form AIR trial unit: $34.49
Black sintra, 2mm, 3 sheets: $46.32
Bondo spot putty: $12.51
Loctite professional adhesive (always stocked, estimated use): $18.00
Palm sander and sandpaper (been needing one in general): GIFT FROM MY MOM OMG
Corset busk: $7.98
Paracord, boning, rotary cutter, bronze leather rivets, longer corset busk: $74.84
Boning tips: $7.86
Large clear ornaments (shoulder vials): $9.81
Airbrish nozzle cleaner: $4.59
Airbrush, accessories, pigment: $218.71
Black airbrush paint: $11.04
Boots: $33.36
Bias maker: $7.80
Acrylic sheet samples: $13.02
Grommet setter: $15.69
Grommets: $26.92
Bronze kidskins: $104.38
Red garment hide: $201.49
Black garment hides: $213.64
Lipo batteries: $50.61
Adafruit boards, lights, tools: $161.03
Silver lacefront wig: $79.00
Green circle lenses (two types to try): $37.00
Undershirt, thread, and corset lining materials: $53.21
Heavy duty thread for leather: $14.60
Boot insoles: $9.00
LEDs (for goggles and small vials): $2.80
Li coin batteries: $2.31
Coin battery cases with switch (may need to reorder, customs delay): $6.51
Silver and gold sample pigments: $7.52
Red/gold, purple/blue pigments (for bow): $38.97
Blue phosphorescent pigment (for bow): $8.38
Sample pigment flakes: $5.98
Copic markers and airbrush adapter/tool: $127.78
Clear silicone and blood dye (for vials): $247.84
Metal files (for warglaive acrylic sheets): $14.89
Shrink tubing: $14.41
UV LEDs, resistors, extra battery cases: $16.34
Lipstick: $30.12
Leather needles: $17.58
More button batteries: $6.50
Pigment flakes: $59.99
Bondo spot filler x3: $10
3mm black sintra: $32.29
Poison bottle: $1.08
FX makeup: $79.72

Running total: 2197.88 (hotel and ticket not included)

Still need to purchase:
Primers and paints
Acrylic sheets
More neopixels as needed for final Warglaive and Thori’dal builds
Buckles and other hardware (clasps, etc)
A large quantity of alcohol
A massage or three

If you see me drinking straight out of wine bottles at the post-contest BlizzCon afterparties, don’t be surprised. I’m already overwhelmed and in dire need of drink.

Shaera Strikewing by Alex Horley for WoW TCG