Please submit a detailed request to

I am a veteran costume fabricator and designer with over fifteen years of experience. Several years of my costume work have been dedicated to event appearances, some contracted and requested by game companies to provide an awesome atmosphere and a memorable experience for event attendees.

Most of all, I AM A HUGE NERD AND I LOVE DOING ALL OF THIS STUFF! I care deeply about everything I do and every game I play.

I can offer you not just the service you need, but the complete professionalism and whole-package representation you deserve.

Scroll for more photos and details, or just send an inquiry email to the address above and don’t sweat it 🙂

I am currently booking sponsorships and partnered work throughout 2018. All requests will be reviewed in order received and taken on as they fit into my schedule throughout the year. These requests may include:

  • Promoting a game on streams/social media, with or without a costume/themed look
  • Recording promotional spots or interviews
  • Event staffing with an existing costume (or one in progress)
  • Demoing materials on creative streams/social media­—including tutorial write-ups with visuals (I work with pretty much everything!)
  • Honest photographed product reviews on social media, this blog, and any online storefronts you specify
  • Promotions for products and events on ALL of my channels (I am picky about these! My focus is centered around games, anime, costumes, lolita clothing, and events. Browse my sites to get a feel for the kind of content my followers and I may be interested in.)
  • Sponsored costumes created, streamed, and photographed to promote products or events
  • Costumes fabricated for your brand or product and for myself or hired models to wear
  • Robust services are available for large-scale projects, including everything from hands-on fittings to on-site wardrobe styling and model handling assistance during your event (this can be helpful if you want models and costumes taken care of without occupying your own staff)
  • Adult/mature products, games, and costumes are completely okay! Please fully disclose your expectations and requirements. My social media and Twitch channels are for all ages, so a certain level of censorship may be required.

Individual commissions for personal use may also be considered as time permits me to accept them. Please include as many details in your request as possible.

You can also check Etsy for assorted items and retired costume listings, posted sporadically when I am available to work on them. I am going to attempt costume clear-out instant sales in January-March, so please keep your eyes peeled on social media for the events to begin! Many cloth-based costumes will be marked at or under $200.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my costumes (even if it’s new or not even finished yet), you don’t have to wait for it to be posted for sale. Please contact me with an offer and we’ll talk 🙂 I am looking to make a LOT of space for new designs, so I need to rehome as many costumes as possible and prevent having such a crazy backlog again (as of this writing, I have ~35 costumes stored).